We started off by searching for an end-to-end product management platform – the ability to take innovations and seamlessly transform them into products using prioritized backlogs and agile engineering principles. We wanted an application where we could define our lifecycle and allow people to collaborate to make sure the best ideas got into our products. The  hosted services we found were not built with the entire product lifecycle in mind and weren’t using the latest Web 2.0 technologies.  None were really interested in collaboration; all were written with rigid old-fashioned business practices in mind and required a big project team to configure.

InnovateNow was built keeping these principles in mind. We are glad to offer our customers – a great Web 2.0, cloud-based service without requiring any new installations. We are a 10+ member self-funded (profitable) company based in Hong Kong offering collaborative product management to companies in all parts of the world.

Hosted in Google and Amazon cloud with backups in USA and Ireland, we are glad to offer our customers a minimum 99% uptime guarantee.