David Bell

5 ways to get your sales force ready for better Product Management

If you were to rank the groups involved in Product Management, your sales force will probably be at the end of your list. Often overlooked, your sales force have much more to give and should play a stronger role in Product Management. Action one: Give your sales force the opportunity, incentives and tooling to share […]

Product data & how to get the knots out of your enterprise architecture

  The domicile of product data is a commonly unresolved problem faced by enterprise architects in companies across all industries. Product data is consumed by almost every function of their organisations, but it is typically implemented in a way that encourages duplicated activity, confusion and becomes a magnet for complexity. I have regularly seen organisations […]

What is Product Management? An infographic

In November 2013 we carried out a representative survey of Product Managers globally (well, people self-identifying as Product Managers). We pulled this infographic together based on the collective understanding of that group. Some items were expected, but interestingly there is a strong interest in Product Management in the BRIC countries. Stay tuned for more survey […]

Rock Stars, Big Data and Graph Databases

The Innovatenow team recently returned from Rock Stars Of Big Data 2013, a conference organised by the IEEE in Mountain View, CA. It was a great conference with a good line up of speakers, but we arrived there expecting it to be long on the real-life examples of “big data” uses and short on defining the discipline; […]

Why Financial Services firms need stronger Product Management tools

The Financial Services industry is under immense pressure from many directions to change, reform and adapt to new realities. Effective Product Management is one answer.   Emerging considerations for effective Product Management in FS 1. FS products are complex. Manage this complexity with a Unified Product Catalogue The product offer for the typical Financial Services […]

The power of Contextual Search: effortless knowledge discovery

Don’t you just hate it when you know exactly what you want, but repeatedly fail to find it. The UK Radio 4 showshow, More or Less had an interesting podcast last week describing the frustrated attempt of Evan Davies, an anchor on the flagship Today program to find UK Government statistics on a government website. A frustrated Mr. Davies […]

Graph Databases and “Big Data” for Engineering organisations

The typical Engineering organisation sits on huge amounts of Engineering data, which if used properly can return clear bottom-line opportunities. Let’s take an example. The Bill of Materials (BOM) is structure containing product engineering and manufacturing data enabling a final product to be costed, assembled and configured from constituent parts. Typically, BOMs reside in complex […]

Product Roadmaps: what we have learned

Roadmaps are the perfect tool to plan and model how your product assets will develop over time. They are a critical tool for perfecting the understanding of your product portfolio and providing a mechanism for easy consumption by customers, partners and probably most critically your own staff. In designing the Roadmap feature for our up-coming […]

Product Master Data Management (MDM): where did it go wrong?

  Product Master Data Management is a simple concept. It is the accurate and authoritative definition of products/services that are proposed, created, sold, delivered and supported by a company. As I said, it is a simple concept, however it’s implementation is invariably complex — largely a result of the diversity of data required to support […]