David Bell

Business Dashboards: ten things we have learned about them

The Business Dashboard: Most corporate managers have heard of them, some use them. Most Enterprise software sales pitches rely on them, but few organisations get real business value from them. What are they? Typically, classed as either Operational or Strategic, they are used in many different environments. Operational dashboards are used to enhance “spot” decision making: […]

Why do we find it difficult to classify our new product?

We are building a new Cloud product designed to foster a strong product focus for our clients. The trouble is, we don’t know really how to classify it our product-in-development; so, if we can’t make product classification work for us, we will have trouble getting past our prospects’ procurement department when we go to sell. Let me […]

Ten benefits of moving to a Next-Generation PLM Tool

We use the name Next-Gen PLM as a synonym for a wider, more social, more innovative PLM that brings disparate roles together for innovation. So what benefits can Next-Gen PLM give to you? Increased Productivity for non-Engineering teams Reduced cost and better outcomes with a better-defined role for PLM Use PLM to give transparency for everything Product […]

The genesis of our new product:

When we founded uPraxis, we had one clear aim: to engineer world-class cloud products for industries and market segments historically relying on ineffective and ageing information technologies. Why? Put simply, we believe all businesses should have the opportunity to use world-class cloud software to transform their fortunes. This is not happening quickly enough; recently, much […]