Junie Bonifacio, MTM

[DevOps] A complete installation guide for GitLab 6.5.1

From our experience of privately hosting GitLab this year, we created a complete manual to address some inconsistencies on the GitLab documentations. This will serve as a reference on how to successfully complete a manual installation of GitLab 6.5.1 server fully tested on CentOS 6.5. Based on two installation docs by gitlabhq, this guide was created […]

[DevOps] Multi-module Maven Projects

A maven best practice is to make sure that intra-module dependencies are always unidirectional, in order to avoid cyclic references. Below’s a very good example we’ve experienced from one of our projects. Assuming that we have a multi-module maven project that looks like:| pom.xml  (parent pom in the project root folder)| module1> pom.xml | module2> pom.xml The pom.xml  in module2 has a […]