InnovateNow offers a number of benefits to the user, the organisation they are in and the people they work with.

  • Productivity –  Our goal is to free users from the repetitive and tedious tasks forced on them by traditional applications. Users spend a lot of time on documentation and e-mailing. In InnovateNow it’s easy to update product information (single source) and our notifications make sure the right people know what changes have been made.
  • Planning – Product and project planning can be challenging especially for teams spread across different locations and timezones. It’s difficult to keep everyone informed. With InnovateNow every user with the right access can see projects plans, product release plans and roadmaps. More importantly when these items are changed the users are notified so communicating change becomes much easier.
  • Cost  - In the past applications like InnovateNow would incur considerable costs in terms of hardware, system integration, training and support staff.  Our platform offers the same high level of functionality, security and performance at a fraction of the cost.
  • Reporting – Those involved in product development spend a lot of time writing and presenting reports. InnovateNow is designed to take away some of the chores involved in gathering data and making it presentable. It can provide real-time information on status, costs and activities to help timely decision making.
  • Scalability – It’s not easy when it comes to adding more users to applications especially if you have not considered the capacity at the start. With InnovateNow you can add new users at any time; our platform can scale to accomodate.
  • Master Data – Product information is notoriously difficult to keep up to date and secure. InnovateNow can act as a master data repository storing accurate information about products for sales, marketing, engineering, design and support teams. With integration into other cloud platforms like and a powerful API master data management is not the challenge it used to be.