[DevOps] A complete installation guide for GitLab 6.5.1

From our experience of privately hosting GitLab this year, we created a complete manual to address some inconsistencies on the GitLab documentations. This will serve as a reference on how to successfully complete a manual installation of GitLab 6.5.1 server fully tested on CentOS 6.5. Based on two installation docs by gitlabhq, this guide was created […]

[DevOps] Multi-module Maven Projects

A maven best practice is to make sure that intra-module dependencies are always unidirectional, in order to avoid cyclic references. Below’s a very good example we’ve experienced from one of our projects. Assuming that we have a multi-module maven project that looks like:| pom.xml  (parent pom in the project root folder)| module1> pom.xml | module2> pom.xml The pom.xml  in module2 has a […]

Top 10 Pitfalls For Product Managers To Avoid

Recently I reflected on our journey building software products. We’ve been successful but there have been a lot of lessons learned along the way. Based on our experiences here are the top 10 pitfalls that product managers need to avoid in order to create great products. Being Passionate About Emerging Technologies – Product managers who […]

5 ways to get your sales force ready for better Product Management

If you were to rank the groups involved in Product Management, your sales force will probably be at the end of your list. Often overlooked, your sales force have much more to give and should play a stronger role in Product Management. Action one: Give your sales force the opportunity, incentives and tooling to share […]

Product data & how to get the knots out of your enterprise architecture

  The domicile of product data is a commonly unresolved problem faced by enterprise architects in companies across all industries. Product data is consumed by almost every function of their organisations, but it is typically implemented in a way that encourages duplicated activity, confusion and becomes a magnet for complexity. I have regularly seen organisations […]

What is Product Management? An infographic

In November 2013 we carried out a representative survey of Product Managers globally (well, people self-identifying as Product Managers). We pulled this infographic together based on the collective understanding of that group. Some items were expected, but interestingly there is a strong interest in Product Management in the BRIC countries. Stay tuned for more survey […]

Rock Stars, Big Data and Graph Databases

The Innovatenow team recently returned from Rock Stars Of Big Data 2013, a conference organised by the IEEE in Mountain View, CA. It was a great conference with a good line up of speakers, but we arrived there expecting it to be long on the real-life examples of “big data” uses and short on defining the discipline; […]

Why Financial Services firms need stronger Product Management tools

The Financial Services industry is under immense pressure from many directions to change, reform and adapt to new realities. Effective Product Management is one answer.   Emerging considerations for effective Product Management in FS 1. FS products are complex. Manage this complexity with a Unified Product Catalogue The product offer for the typical Financial Services […]