Innovation Canvas

Liberate your ideas, problem statements and solutions

Capture your teams' ideas the smart way. When in the office or when mobile, you can gather, prioritise and transform ideas into measurable improvements to your portfolios.

Ideas Problem Statements Solutions

Your personal Innovation Canvass showing private and shared items

Prefer a grid view? Sort and filter just like a spreadsheet

Drill into an item to get detailed information on the item

Innovation prioritisation

Ensure the brightest ideas get to the top

You have many great ideas, right? Make sense of this chaos by prioritising all ideas against the most important dimensions: Effort & Impact, financial Value, lifecycle and popularity.

Effort vs Impact Financial Value Idea Lifecycle Popularity

Prioritise your features against Effort vs Impact and Financial Value

Use the social statistics to prioritise your ideas

Smart Note Taking

Be more productive at capturing your thoughts

Capture your notes on wherever you are. With a single click you can convert a note to an Idea, Problem or Solution. This ensures you can answer the question: where did that idea come from?


Chrome Extension

Serendipitously bring innovative ideas into InnovateNow via Google Chrome.

Use the InnovateNow button in Google Chrome to create a Note, Idea, Problem Statement or Solution. You can even transfer across the webpage you are viewing and tag eveything to a Product.

The plugin can be used anytime. It will send your Chrome content to the Canvas

Collaboration & Social

Ideas need the right airtime to make a difference

When you are ready to share your Ideas, you will associate them to Products, Brands, Categories or Product Families where subscribers can build upon your work. If you chose to share ideas, your colleagues can comment, like and rate your ideas. InnovateNow shows trending topics and a dashboard so you can steer innovation in the right direction.

Emails are supported

You can email content directly to your Canvas.

We know email is still important to you. You can email Ideas, Problem Statements, Solutions or notes to InnovateNow. All items will immediately appear in your personalised Innovation Canvas

Email your idea with the right Hashtag (#Idea, #Problem, #Note, #Solution) to push to the Canvas

A confirmation message will be sent back to you

Your email will appear as an idea in the Canvas

Link into product portfolios

Ensure the link back to your Products is maintained at all times

Link your Products, Brands and Product Families to Ideas. You can also make multiple linkages.

Product Project Brand Product Family Category

Linking your Idea to a Product

Linking your Idea to a Product