Upraxis Global Ltd was founded by David Bell and Gerard Moroney in early 2013. Both of us had worked with large organisations around the world in industries including oil & gas, financial services and telecommunications.

We had amassed a lot of knowledge about developing, operating and enhancing critical business applications. It was a great experience but we had our own ideas about future of business applications – cloud-based, collaborative and fun to use. We setup the company and started working on our first product – InnovateNow!

Developing InnovateNow has been intense but we’ve learnt a lot along the way. We’ve got great processes in place for how we design and engineer our products. We’ve started to use InnovateNow to develop our second and third product. Using InnovateNow has been better than any testing. We allowed our team to change InnovateNow to improve usability; they came up with amazing designs we never would have thought of ourselves.

We’re intensely proud of InnovateNow but also passionate to hear what our user community have to say about how to make the platform better. Product management is a journey and we’re here for the long haul.