Build beautiful roadmaps with the ability to pivot in multiple dimensions

Produce intuitive Product Roadmaps charting the evolution of your products against time. On your roadmap, you can include Features, Change Requests and Issues.

Client Roadmap Personas

Timeline view showing the Release and Roadmap dimension

Release view showing Features, Changes and Issues. For each release, detailed analytics are produced.

The Roadmap can be viewed from the Client perspective -- showing what clients have requested features

Features can be seen from the perspective of the Personas

Product Backlog

Build Product Backlogs using our simple drag-and-drop tool

For every product you will create a prioritised Product Backlog. This contains a ranked / prioritised list of User Stories, Ideas, Issues, Changes and Features you wish to build. Your Product Backlog can be shared with the IT development teams to begin the technical build work required to make your product a reality

See overall Product Backlog and the Sprints in place for the Product

Focussing on the Product Backlog. The items can be re-ordered as required

Build User Stories with a metric-driven approach

Release Management

Manage your product releases with highly effective and visual toolset

Produce highly accurate Release plans for your product. Include new Features, Change Requests, Issues or the result of Sprints in the release.

Product Portfolios

Build product portfolio across your Brands, Categories & Families

Automatically build your company's product catalog. Ideal for customers with large portfolios, using the powerful filter facility, you will find the right product in seconds!

Personal Portfolios Brand Categories Product Families

Find your product using the powerful search and filter features

Product Home & Dashboard

Every product gets it's own personalised Home Page

Use InnovateNow as your primary source of Product Design knowledge for collaboration. Reduce the number of emails being sent between team members

Intelligent Metrics Real-time updates

The home page for all activities going on around the product. You can edit product details.

Client Analytics

Put your client needs and wants first

Pivot around your client and contacts to see what is important to them. You can see how many features on a coming release are assigned to a particular client.

Change & Issue Management

Capture all product issues and change requests

Changes and Issues can affect your Products at any time. InnovateNow gives you the ability to capture, prioritise and use Issues and Changes to further develop and deepen functionality.

Build a list of issues and changes for the product

Assign your changes and issues to the Product Backlog

Product Lifecycle & Methodology

Implement formal Product Lifecycle Management in InnovateNow

Product Lifecycles are well defined phases of activity your products go through. Use this rich data to help guide your product to success. Think of this as a mentor that guides you though the various activities of product management