When it comes to developing our product roadmap we make full use of the functionality in Uberito. With Uberito its easy for us to plan the features we need to add and also keep track of the customers who requested them. When there is a new release of Uberito the roadmapping function is invaluable for our sales team since they know who to follow up with. The roadmap feature also helps us with resource forecasting so we have the right resources and budget in place when needed.

Our roadmap is broken down into slots with features allocated based on market demands. The slots are variable in length since that’s what works for our business.

The screenshot below shows what the roadmap looks for Uberito in 2014 and 2015. Our focus this year is on integration with other popular cloud productivity platforms. In 2015 we plan to start working on branding modules and tools to help companies migrate from legacy product management tools to our platform.